Organizing  a training for 60 future youth leaders

17 Jan 2019

As part of the ministry of local development interest in supporting future youth leaders and raising their capacities in order to be qualified for leadership positions at the governorates, the ministry is organizing a training workshop that will start on 13th of January 2019 for 60 of the youth leaders at Sakkara. The workshop will be held at two levels: the first will be for 3 weeks and who pass the tests by the end of the level will be upraised to the second one that will be for 3 weeks.

Minister Mahmoud Sharawy asserted that the trainees were selected out of the top personnel at the ministry and the governorates through a behavioral test, computer skills tests, and a personal interview where 2 were selected from each governorate, 3 from the ministry, 7 from the TOT trainees, and 4 from the top applicants of 2018-2019 training programs. This is along with the specific qualifications that were set for applicants such as: have a bachelor degree, has leadership skills, his age doesn’t exceed 45, and is not having a leadership position in the meantime as being a mayor of the city.

Minister Sharawy added that the training will focus on all topics related to the work of localities and on raising the trainees’ capacities in strategic planning, effective communication skills, creative thinking, and negotiation skills along with making them aware of the civil service law, purchases law no. 82/2018, and law no. 119. The trainees will be divided into working groups during the training to work on group researches on topics related to local administration and suggest possible ways for improvement. This is along with having workshops with general secretary of the governorates and ex-governors to share their experience with trainees. Minister Sharawy promised that those who will pass the full training will be recommended to held leadership positions at the governorates or to be hired as assistants for the city/district mayors.

Minister Sharawy said that we are aiming that Sakkara training center will be an institution that combines between academic study and practical experience to raise the capacities of the leaders and employees at the locals. He also asserted on the ministry’s interest in training the current employees at the ministry and the governorates on how to best accomplish their required tasks in order to improve the quality of public services. This comes in accordance with state’s willingness to upgrade the administrative system and raise the capacities of the employees working at the government. Minister Sharawy further added that the provision of trained youth and expected calibers who have the capabilities to deal with different issues raised at localities in a creative manner is crucial for the development of localities and emphasized that this comes in accordance with the political leadership concern with youth.