Local development minister inaugurates “Fingerprint” Summit

3 Apr 2018

Local development Minister، Abu Bakr Al-Gendy، and Social Solidarity Minister، Dr. Ghada Wali inaugurated، Monday the First Summit for Egyptian Leaders to advance progress entitled "Fingerprint "، held for the 1st time in Egypt.

The conference is Launched by Egypt's GEARS Foundation for Development in partnership with the UN Global Compact in Egypt on April 2-3.

Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Industries Mohamed Zaki el Sewedy، in addition to a number of Egyptian businessmen attend the opening session. 

The summit will touch the "executive gap" that hinders development in Egypt، as development plans and strategies face a gap in their implementation on the ground. Many workshops and conferences are held to discuss and study development strategies، experiences and solutions proposed by participants to address that gap.

In its first year، the Fingerprint Summit includes a wide participation of ministers and leaders of development processes، private and non-profit organizations and bodies، as well as a number of businessmen، economists، analysts and academics.