Visit the headquarter of South Sinai Governorate

12 Nov 2017

During his visit to the headquarters of the province of South Sinai and meet with leaders and employees:
Minister of Local Development: We thank you for showing Sharm el-Sheikh in a wonderful and civilized manner worthy of Egypt
Fouda: Tourism, God willing, stronger and bigger than before

Minister of Local Development, Dr. Hisham El-Sherif, visited the headquarters of South Sinai Governorate and was received by Governor Khalid Fouda. The Minister thanked the Governor, Major General Khaled Fouda, and the governorate leaders for their efforts and efforts to show the city of Sharm el-Sheikh in this way. To the participants of the World Youth Forum.
The Minister of Local Development said that all the delegations who participated in the forum praised the civilized image that emerged in the city.
The Minister visited the headquarters of the Center for Advanced Operations and Crisis Management in the presence of Major General Issam Khader, director of the Center for Operations and Crisis Management in the Ministry, Major General Mahmoud Issa, Secretary General of the Governorate, Major General Mahmoud Al-Suwaili, President of Sharm El-Sheikh City, Dr. Khalid Safwat Al-Bahnawi, Legal Advisor to the Minister of Local Development and Major General Nader Ashmawi, And all the executive leaders and employees of the operating room and traffic, health and ambulance, roads, electricity, drainage, cleaning and services and the official installation of information in the streets of the city.
Minister Hisham al-Sharif called on the leaders of the province to preserve the shape of the city. The minister pointed out that there is great interest in President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi and the Egyptian government led by Engineer Sherif Ismail to make Sharm el-Sheikh one of the world's best tourist destinations.
The Minister paid tribute to the Egyptian youth who participated in the preparation of this forum under the supervision of the Office of the President and also paid tribute to all the youth of the world who participated in the Forum.
Dr. Hisham Al-Sharif, addressing the youth of the world who attended the forum, "Be the best conveyor of the truth of what you saw on the land of Sharm el-Sheikh."
"I appreciate your generosity to pay tribute to my name and the Prime Minister's name to pay tribute to you for what you have done," he said, adding that what has been done in Sharm el-Sheikh is a great example of local administration as it should be.
For his part, Maj. Gen. Khaled Fouda said that what was done to Sharm el-Sheikh in this picture is a collective and unique work carried out by all the workers in the governorate and all other concerned ministries.
The Governor thanked the Prime Minister and the Minister of Local Development for this honor to complete the march in terms of development operations during the coming period.
"Tourism, God willing, is stronger and bigger than before," he said,
He pointed out that this conference and the selection of Sharm el-Sheikh to stay here is a support for tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh and we received positive reactions and very large in the image that emerged the province.
The governor revealed the establishment of a large celebration after the end of the forum to thank all those who participated in the production of the forum decent images will be honored workers hygiene, roads and all other sectors.
"Tell the truth to your country as it is and these are the true images of Sharm el-Sheikh.
"We can appeal to Egypt and you have the capabilities and qualifications that always make you the lead."
At the end of the meeting, Minister Hisham El-Sherif received the shield of the province from Major General Khalid Fouda and took a group of commemorative photos with the workers in the governorate.