Procedures for appointing local leaders

30 Oct 2017

Minister of Local Development Dr. Hisham El-Sherif announced the start of the tests for 1307 applicants for the leadership positions in the local administration, which will be held at Nasser Military Academy for the selection of 68 new leadership.
El-Sharif said that the tests began on Sunday to 100 applicants at the headquarters of the Academy as a neutral body to ensure that the tests are conducted with transparency, impartiality and integrity and to select leaders able to make the latest qualitative leap in the local administration in all governorates.
This came during a press conference held by Dr. Hisham El-Sharif at the ministry's headquarters today, attended by Major General Yasin Taher, Governor of Ismailia, Major General A. Safwat al-Deeb, Director of Nasser Higher Military Academy, Major General A. Bahgat Mohamed Farid, Director of the National Defense College of the Academy and Major General Hamdi Al-Jazzar, For the affairs of local municipalities and coordination between the sectors of the ministry and the General Ali Abdul Mawla adviser to the Minister for Legal Affairs.
Al-Sherif said that the ministry had announced the contest for the selection of distinguished leaders of the local administration on July 16 last and the deadline for the specific progress of the contest on 30 September last, the minister pointed out that the competition provided to about 1431 competitor, including 1307 satisfied conditions.
The minister added that a higher committee was set up to supervise the tests and qualify the applicants. He added that the tests that will be conducted at the Nasser Military Academy will be carried out in stages, namely: tests of leadership skills and personality traits, behavioral and psychological.
Second, the written tests include a set of tests (economic and social development, development strategy, local administration and development, English language, information systems and national security).
Third: oral tests.
Fourth: Participate in the program of rehabilitation and training for the successful for 8 weeks to prepare for local administration and local development.
Fifth: Supervision of graduation projects through a development project in the province for 4 weeks.
The minister said during the press conference that he is participating and supervising the governors of the rehabilitation program and training for the successful and the selection committee of the incumbents of leadership positions will be the final choice of leaders, adding that the results will be announced in a general conference, pointing out that in the context of decentralization Each governor select the leadership to maintain the successful .
Sharif said that there is no development without leaders or qualified human beings and no development without a homogeneous team. He pointed out that the current strategy of the state is to invest in people, and the government is working hard to raise the efficiency of its employees to keep pace with progress.
The Minister of Local Development said that a program has been agreed to train 5730 of the current leaders in order to raise and efficiency of work, and this will be through central training across provincial centers through specific training programs.
The minister announced the formation of a higher council of leaders and a system of progress was put in place during the coming period.
The Minister stressed that we are all working to rejuvenate the homeland and achieve a better life for Egyptians in all governorates and to achieve progress and development of the homeland
For his part, Major General Yasin Taher Ismaili Governor, that there must be a basis in cooperation to choose the leaders of the localities, because these leaders are the first motive and implement the policies of the government, which directly directly affects the citizens and deal with them.
He pointed out that it was agreed to test the new leaders in a different way to what was happening in the past, and was agreed on the Nasser Military Academy to take advantage of their experience in this area, and was laid the right basis for the selection of these leaders is a correct start, and there will be an escalation of any leadership is inefficient High in the coming period.
Tahir added, "We are moving in the way of decentralization, whether we like it or not, which is inevitable, and we must prepare for this stage now, by choosing leaders that take into consideration this aspect.