Annual Festival of Tunisia for pottery and handicrafts

22 Oct 2017

Minister of Local Development: "Tunisia" model of the typical village that produces and evokes
El-Sherif: Meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the development of Lake Qarun
The Minister of Local Development, Dr. Hisham El-Sherif, said that the village of Tunis in Fayoum governorate is a model for the model village that produces and evokes, which we seek to be the Egyptian villages, which are 4770 villages.
Al-Sherif said that the village of Tunis is a model for the Green Village, which produces and innovates and emphasizes its continued adherence to the past, its roots and its aspiration for a new future.
He added that the ministry is interested in implementing the program of a productive village and its source, which comes at the head of the ministry's programs that are working to achieve it in the Egyptian villages. This came on the sidelines of the opening of the seventh annual festival of Tunisia for ceramics, pottery and handicrafts for 2017 in Fayoum governorate. Popular and executive of the province.
Al-Sharif pointed out that the government seeks to provide the climate and the potential to be citizens in cities and villages is leading development in all governorates and provide a better life for all Egyptians.
Dr. Hisham el-Sherif said that there are plans for the development of all villages in Fayoum governorate, as part of the government's plan to turn villages into productive and exporting villages.
Al-Sherif said that the government provides all support to the Egyptian villages producing, pointing out that the ministry is preparing a comprehensive plan to improve the road network in all governorates.
The minister said that the festival of the village of Tunis is supervised by the government represented by some ministries concerned Fayoum governorate and some artists and civil society and the parties, pointing out that we want to change the reality of major projects and the conversion of Egyptian villages to productive villages.
The minister said that he discussed with the governor of Fayoum to prepare for a meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the situation of Lake Qarun and investment projects that can be set up.
The Minister of Local Development said that the village of Tunisia, where art, creativity and cultural coordination is far from the slums and the people of the village produce traditional art and crafts. "We want to get to know artists and produce unconventional art and put Fayoum on the map of tourist attraction, which generates a large financial return."
During the visit of the minister to the village of Tunisia, he inspected a number of exhibitions of handicrafts, ceramics, pottery and handcrafts.