Second phase of the training program for Vice Governors

29 سبتمبر 2020

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, and Dr. Rasha Ragheb, Executive Director of the National Training Academy, inaugurated today, Sunday, the second phase of the program The training program for the Vice Governors, at the Academy, which will last for 5 days.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi said at the beginning of his speech that the second phase of the training program comes in implementation of the directives of the President of the Republic to implement an intensive training program for vice governors , whose first phase started last December.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi praised the efforts made by the National Academy for Training in rehabilitating and raising the efficiency of workers in the local administration, including leaders, employees and art. And continuously improving their capabilities and skills, to ensure the availability of high-level competencies working to provide innovative and creative solutions in various disciplines.

The Minister of Local Development emphasized that the National Academy for Training has become one of the important Egyptian monuments that carry out the task of training human cadres in the state’s administrative apparatus to be qualified to lead in the future and occupy senior positions in all sectors.

The Minister of Local Development extended his sincere thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the governors ’deputies during the last period, Which witnessed the follow-up of a large number of assignments and important files that the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister follow on an ongoing basis.

Sharawi stressed that the citizen’s satisfaction is our main concern and we are all concerned as a government to make up for the lack of services they have missed during the past years. Pointing out that the state is spending billions of pounds on service projects of interest to citizens, especially drinking water, sanitation, roads, and especially in villages and districts in various governorates.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi indicated that the government is racing against time in implementing presidential assignments in all files, and we are proceeding at a fast pace in the implementation of projects, especially the donor and international bodies that cooperate with the various ministries of the government.

The Minister of Local Development stated that the government is determined to achieve the special targets set by the state to obtain the citizen’s satisfaction, He pointed out what has been achieved on the land of the governorates during the past six years of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's era, which Egypt has not witnessed for decades.

The Minister of Local Development emphasized that there are some good experiences and ideas that are being implemented in a governorate to solve a general problem in the rest of the governorates, Which was used and circulated after that, including the recent experience of Kafr El Sheikh governorate in opening some schools in coordination with the education directorates to receive citizens wishing to submit reconciliation requests for building violations.

The Minister of Local Development called on the governors' deputies to remove incompetent or negligent employees, and to follow up all workers under their leadership and to seek the help of essential personnel.

Sharawi stressed that the citizen has many ambitions and demands, and we want to work day and night as a government, governors and MPs to achieve them, Therefore, it is imperative to utilize all the resources available to the governorates in a good manner, prevent the waste of public money and make better use of the available resources.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi referred to the importance of having an audited inventory of all governorate properties and the financial returns from them to study the best ways to increase the resources of those properties.

The Minister of Local Development also called on the governors' deputies to exchange experiences and experiments with each other regarding solutions to problems and challenges facing them in the two governorates, and to take advantage of innovative and good solutions to those problems.

Sharawi added: You must have patience and determination to change the lives of citizens for the better, take advantage of any negatives and develop them for the better.

With regard to the reconciliation law regarding some building violations, Sharawi said that this file is at the top of the work of the local administration during the current period due to the approaching end of the deadline set by the government for citizens to receive reconciliation requests on September 30th, Pointing out that the state is determined and has the sufficient will to finalize this file during the current period and to preserve agricultural lands and the right of future generations to it.

Sharawi said that all governorates have reduced reconciliation prices to facilitate and facilitate the citizens, and the government is keen to reduce the burden on citizens, especially in villages.

The Minister of Local Development indicated that the percentage of requests that the provinces received from citizens exceeded one million and 200 thousand applications.

The Minister of Local Development stressed that what will be collected from the sums of money from reconciliation will return in the form of projects and services to citizens again in more than one sector, On top of them are housing, sanitation, drinking water, and roads.

Minister Ali stressed that we are striving with all our strength to fight corruption and we are interested in training and qualifying workers and creating ambitions for them to advance in the various jobs in the local administration. Pointing out that the coming period will witness a solution to the problem of the lack of engineers in engineering departments in the governorates, in coordination with the Organization and Administration Agency and the Ministry of Finance.


Translated by :Hanaa Mohamed Saleh.