Implementation of Sakkara center training plan for this year

16 سبتمبر 2020

In the light of the attention given by the ministry of local development to the training and capacity-building system for the personnel and leaders of local administrations at all levels of administration, thus helping to improve the staff's skills and career development.

Major general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, announced that the local development training Centre in Sakkara will start implementing its training plan for the year 2021/2020. During the coming week, the Centre offers se subdisciplines ven training courses for tot graduates in seven different fields, starting from Sunday 13/9/2020 to Thursday 24/9/2020.

Sharawi confirmed that the courses include a new training bag, which is being carried out for the first time: training in technology centres, information and community communication, digital transformation, finance and legal affairs in all their, financial and administrative inspection, engineering in all their specialties, state property and gis, and finally human resources. 140 trainees from all governorates benefit from these courses.

The minister of local development explained that the Sakkara training Centre is taking a new role in supporting the governorates and developing its training and capacity-building system to improve the delivery of services to citizens. Where the trainees benefiting from the training courses in Sakkara will be used as trainers in the center’s courses so that they can implement those courses in their governorates with the same subject.

In addition, the Sakkara Centre concluded its work on the implementation of plan 2020 training courses, which began but have not yet been completed due to the effects of the mers-cov crisis. Two gis courses were attended by 22 trainees and 18 trainees were trained in level English last week before the start of the training plan (2021/2020). In addition to the second week of the 2020 leaders' course, 66 trainees attended. The third and final week will be completed and the class will graduate in January.

General Sharawi pointed out that in view of the current circumstances and the measures taken by the state to reduce the spread of the mers-cov virus, the number of trainees was reduced from previous years and his plan for safe coexistence with the mers-cov was developed during the training courses, which included reducing the number of trainees in each training room, as well as the accommodation of trainees, modifying the periods of use of the cafeteria and restaurant to minimize the number of trainees, to take into account social divergences, and increasing the number of buses used to transport the trainees to and from the Sakkara Centre


Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh.