Sharawi meeting the Belarus ambassador in Cairo

31 أغسطس 2020

General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development met  Belarusian ambassador, Mr.  Sergei Tertantiev at the ministry's headquarters in Cairo  to explore prospects for cooperation between the two sides in a number of areas in the Egyptian governorates.
At the beginning of the meeting, Sharawi praised the level of Egyptian Belarus relations that have been developing considerably over the past three years, especially given the presidential exchange visits between President Abdel Fattah el-sisi to the Belarus capital, Minsk, or the visits to Cairo by President Alexander Lukashenko, which resulted in the signing of a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding between the two countries.
The minister of local development outlined the central and key role played by the ministry in the full coordination of all government and provincial ministries in a large number of cases and sectors with a view to improving services for citizens.
General Mahmoud Sharawi confirmed  of the ministry’s interest  to strengthen cooperation with Belarus and to benefit from some of its expertise in the equipment and machinery of the new solid waste system as well as information technology and the modernization of certain industries and training.
Sharawi noted the cooperation between the ministry of war production and the Belarus side in the delivery of some equipment for the transport of waste products to some  governorates like  El Gharbia governorate in the framework of the new solid waste system. He noted that this cooperation between the two sides would be increased during the coming period.
The minister of local development stressed his concern for the rehabilitation and training of all personnel working in the local administration in the governorates and the ministry's general office and their continuous upgrading of capacities, as well as access to training programmes and grants for all partners and countries friendly to Egypt, including China and India. It is interesting to note the ministry's interest in transforming the local development training Centre of Sakkara into a training academy for local cadres in the different governorates.
For his part, ambassador Sergei Tertantiev stressed that the outstanding relations of friendship between the two presidents were the fundamental basis for the development and continuous development of bilateral relations in various sectors in the coming period. He added that Belarus  and the governorate of southern Sinai were cooperating as the number of tourists from his country to Egyptian tourist resorts continued to increase.
The Belarusian ambassador explained that he had been instructed by the Belarusian President to contribute to the development and modernization of Egyptian industry in certain areas and to benefit from Belarusian expertise, particularly in heavy industries in Egypt's governorates. He noted that there had been cooperation with the ministries of war production and trade and industry in recent years.
Ambassador Sergei Tertantiev stressed that his country was making significant progress in some important governorate areas, particularly in the production of agricultural equipment and heavy industries, pointing out his country's desire to establish new projects to develop Egyptian industry.
General Mahmoud Sharawi referred to President Abdel Fattah el-sisi's directives to the government to support stalled and non-functioning factories, to reactivate at full capacity, to provide funding from national Banks and to take advantage of central bank initiatives.
Sharawi stressed that the issue of the development and modernization of the Egyptian industry was a top priority for the government during the current period, with considerable focus and attention on this file from President el-sisi.
The meeting also examined possibilities for cooperation between the two sides in the area of training, networking and cooperation between the regional universities of Egypt and Belarus; To develop human potential at a regional level, Moreover, it has conducted exchanges of experience and visits between the two sides in order to benefit from products that serve development objectives in Egypt, in particular transport vehicles transporting solid waste and crushing materials for construction purposes.
General Mahmoud Sharawi indicated his interest in training and the transfer of expertise to local cadres and the organization of courses for Belarusian experts in Cairo in areas such as digital conversion and information technology. The ministry wished to strengthen the capacities of the 78 handicrafts centers in the governorate and to upgrade the equipment in order to create jobs.
The minister expressed appreciation for the increase in Belarusian tourism to Egyptian tourist resorts during the recent period, particularly in view of the good measures and preparations taken by the state in curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Ambassador of Belarus concluded by saying :" I assure you that we are very interested in working with the ministry of local development and the Egyptian governorates to develop our relations in all fields over the coming period.

Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed saleh