Sharawi meets the minister of transport

19 أغسطس 2020

General Kamel el Wazeer , minister of transport, held an extensive meeting with general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development at the headquarters of the ministry of transport to monitor the implementation rates of improving the paving  and  local roads in 12 governorates of the republic as a first phase according to the directives of the president of the republic ,his majesty Abd El Fatah al Sisi. On the implementation of the national project of improving the local roads within the governorates.
The minister of transport has confirmed that the implementation of projects to improve and maintain local roads within the governorates will contribute to providing citizens with an outstanding level of service ,and  following the resurgence of roads and bridges through the national road project, and facilitating movement within the governorates and linking them to the main roads, the 12 governorates that were the first phase of this national project included the governorates of ( Qalyabia, Giza, Menofia, Daqahliyah, Al Behaira, Kafr al-sheikh, Sharqiyah, Damitta, Beni souif, Fayoum and Minya) , A total of 197 projects were selected in the 12 governorates according to the criteria established in the length of about 837.5 kilometers, at a total cost of about 2 billion pounds. Pointing that the general directorate of roads and major roads and road transport is responsible for following up on contract procedures and supervising implementation to ensure that the procedures are sound and that the required quality of the work carried out in accordance with the standard specifications of the roads and Bridges authority is achieved.
 Kamel Al Wazeer  added  that the President of the republic, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, directed the extensive use of modern equipment to recycle the pavement layers in upgrading the efficiency and maintenance of local roads within the governorates because of its importance in  the use of scraping   asphalt layer and recycling it again. In order to prevent waste of materials and ores, reduce environmental pollution, reduce cost and speed of work, as is currently done, FDR machines are used to recycle the asphalt and foundation layers to a full depth. CIR machines are used to recycle cold asphalt pavement layers, indicating that these new techniques are being used in a number of ways in the governorates, such as Berket  El Sabe Shubaeen el-Kom roads and Janzour roads in the governorate of Munfiyah and will be expanded in other governorates.
General Mahmoud Sharawi stressed the importance of continuous cooperation and coordination between the ministry of local development and the ministry of transport in the implementation of inland road-related projects, noting that this cooperation comes within the framework of coordination among the various government ministries in order to improve the services provided to citizens in the different governorates. Sharawi added that, as part of the political leadership and directives of the prime minister, projects for the paving and upgrading of local roads in the governorates have been undertaken to increase the efficiency of local roads within three fiscal years.
The minister of local development explained that the government was endeavoring to implement departmental road projects of the highest standard and quality, particularly those that linked cities to each other and new roads, given the importance that the President of the republic and the prime minister attached to that important file, which was linked to economic development and to meeting citizens' needs for easy transportation of their work, food commodities and agricultural products.
Major general Mahmoud Sharawi stressed that internal roads were an important artery for development that could bring about a rapid economic return and support the development of the local economy and increase in provincial domestic output.

Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh.