Sharawi votes in the senate elections

13 أغسطس 2020

General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, voted in the senate elections at   lycee Al Hurria  national school in Heliopolis.
 General Mahmoud Sharawi was reassured of the electoral process within the electoral commissions of the Hurria school , and Sharawi called on all Egyptians to step down and participate in this important constitutional duty freely in order to complete the development and construction process and to support the national state in completing its constitutional and legislative institutions.
In press statements followed his vote, the minister of local development said that the Egyptian state provided all the logistics and facilities needed for the senate elections to proceed in an honorable manner to the world and to ensure that Egyptian citizens practiced  their right to vote.
Sharawi added that all electoral commissions are fully organized at republic level and there are no problems in the governorates, adding that the ministry's operations room follows the electoral process updates every hour  with the governmental operations rooms.
General Mahmoud Sharawi stressed the importance of citizens' commitment to precautions  and preventive measures during the electoral process to limit the spread of the coronavirus, taking into account the social distance between voters and the lack of overcrowding within committees, as well as citizens' obligation to wear gags during voting.
The minister expressed his pleasure  that so many young people were queuing to vote and wished to participate positively in this important constitutional entitlement, stressing the important role that  played by young Egyptians to determine Egypt's future in the coming years.
Sharawi added that Egyptian youth represent about 60% of the population and they  are the future for building new Egypt.
The minister of local development stressed the importance of the senate as much as that of the Egyptian chamber of deputies and stressed the important role it would play during the coming period, including discussing proposals to amend one or more articles of the constitution and the draft general plan for social and economic development, and the adoption of treaties of peace, alliance and all treaties concerning sovereign rights, and discussion of draft laws  and supplementing the constitution transmitted to it by the President of the republic or the house of representatives, as well as any matters relating to the state's general policy or policy in Arab or foreign affairs that the President may refer to the council.

Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh