Offending landlords incur criminal liability

11 أغسطس 2020

The ministry of local development has confirmed that what published in some media outlets is not true , about  there is no criminal liability of the offending landlords and that they are held accountable for their offences before the law. The ministry explained that landlords who offend are criminally responsible  for infractions. Considering that the record of infraction records the data of the owner of the offending property or his legal representative.

In a statement, the ministry of local development said that, according to the law on conciliation for certain building infraction and its implementing regulation, any of the land lords  (owner of the apartment - union of occupants...) had access for application for conciliation on offending housing units, Furthermore, under the building act, this does not exempt the owner of the original property from criminal liability and legal proceedings in accordance with the offence report filed against him.

It should be noted that the implementing regulations provide for certain restrictions in this regard, as follows:

1- A request for reconciliation may be submitted for the whole or part of the breached building.

2- An application shall be submitted to the administrative authority by any of the persons concerned, whether the offender is a transcript (the landlord), the occupant of any of the offending units of property or a group of inhabitants of the property.

3- The dissenting landlord is criminally responsible for his infractions, and a request for reconciliation from a resident - for part of the offending property - shall not preclude him from being traced and held accountable for his infractions.


Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh