Removal of 4972 cases of encroachment on state property

23 يوليه 2020

The minister of local development receives a following up  report on  the first week of the 16th wave to clear encroachments on state land and property. Sharawi: removal of 4972 encroachments on national territory through construction and agriculture covering an area of 879,000 meters and 59,000 acres in the governorates.
Major general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, received a report from the ministry's operations and crisis management room to follow the results of the first week of the 16th  wave to immediately eliminate infringements on state land and property which is began last week on the instructions of the President of the republic to deal decisively with irregular and unplanned construction, in coordination with all the relevant state agencies.
General Mahmoud Sharawi reviewed the results of the first week's efforts. The report stated that 4972 cases had been removed, including 3404 cases of encroachment on state land covering an area of 879,000 square meters , In coordination between law enforcement forces and the security directorates of all governorates , 1568 cases of encroachment on the country's territory have been eliminated in the 59,000 acres of land, and the state will deal resolutely in this effort to impose the prestige of the state, establish the rule of law and restore the people's rights.
General Sharawi praised the achievements of the governorates  in coordination with the executive agencies, security directorates and law enforcement forces during the first week of the 16th wave. Commending the efforts  which made by the conservative masters in this important dossier followed closely by President El-Sisi and prime minister to impose the prestige of the state and not to allow any encroachments on state property by citizens; He drew attention to President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's emphasis on the need to pursue this file fully around the clock by the governors and to carry out the removal unscrupulously, regardless of the scale of the violations. He stressed that this constant follow-up by the political leadership has given a strong impetus to the governorates' efforts in this regard.
Sharawi called on the governors to continue to call on all concerned bodies to monitor all construction violations and encroachments on state land and property, to deal with them with utmost rigour and firmness, to take legal action and to eliminate them immediately.
The minister of local development said that the ministry's central operations room followed the governorate's efforts throughout the day to campaign for the removal of infringements and encroachments .
General Mahmoud Sharawi confirmed that the state continued to strictly apply presidential directives referring construction infractions and all infractions to the military prosecutor's office and not to tolerate any attempt to violate state decisions.

Translated be : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh