Sharawi is meeting the environment minister

29 مارس 2020

General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, received Dr. Yasmin Fouad, minister of environment at the ministry's headquarters to follow up  the progress of the new solid waste system to be  implemented as instructed by the President of the republic.

The ministers discussed the current situation with regard to the provision of infrastructure to the system in all the governorates of the republic. Where they stressed the importance to be done according to the timeline, They also discussed the contracts relating to the system in the governorate of Cairo in preparation for submission to the prime minister .Sharawi and Yasmin  also discussed procedures for initiating training of personnel in the new hygiene system.

General Mahmoud Sharawi stressed that the ministry and the other related ministries which are involved in the implementation of the new system ensure that citizens felt hygienic progress as a quality change in the streets.

Sharawi referred to the role played by the ministry's executive waste management unit in monitoring and updating the system's infrastructure in the governorates , including intermediate stations, recycling factories  and sanitary landfills.

Dr. Yasmin Fouad, minister of the environment, has reviewed the ministry’s forthcoming  information  campaign on the new solid waste system which will be launched soon to inform  citizens with the system and its stages and prepare them to participate in it in order to ensure its effectiveness and achieve its objectives in the interests of citizens and in the interests of health and the environment.

Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh