Accelerate Development

28 أغسطس 2017

The Ministry of Local Development, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Planning and the support of the provinces, to develop and implement the plan to accelerate the development and preparation of strategic development plans for the Egyptian governorates to accelerate the process of local development in terms of social and economic, which seeks to encourage the provinces to determine the "competitive advantage" that characterize and employ them in practice to start exports, Wide participation is formed on the impact of the development agenda and adopt the preparation of the plan to accelerate development methodology of decentralization in the planning from the bottom to the top, within the framework of the strategic plan of the state.
Objectives of the program to accelerate development:

First: Prepare a road map and plans to accelerate the economic and social development of 27 governorates through:

  • Integrated operational development plans that support comparative advantage and competitiveness in each province
  • Strengthen effective participation and local bottom-up planning and mobilization of central and local resources
  • Achieving local development in its comprehensive and integrated manner
  • Clarity and consistency of local development
  • Implementation of national development strategies
  • Linking different levels of development planning
  • Support regional planning between governorates and development plans for each governorate
  • Improving the performance of local management and governance of the development process
  • Transforming from an importing and consumer society into a productive and sufficient society and a source

Second: Building consensus and companies between the government, business sectors, civil society and representatives of the people and local communities in planning and implementing plans for accelerating development.

Third: Adoption and dissemination of plans to accelerate the development of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Representatives and the President of the Republic

Fourth: Follow up implementation for each governorate.