News of honor

29 أغسطس 2017

The Minister of Local Development honors the distinguished heads of villages and towns in the lake Dr. Hisham El-Sherif and Minister of Local Development today honored six of the outstanding leaders in Beheira Governorate 3 heads of units village and 3 heads of cities and in the presence of En.
Nadia Abdo Governor of the lake and a number of popular and executive leaders to maintain and members of the House of Representatives and leaders of the Ministry of Local Development. 

This came during the meeting of the Minister with a number of residents of the village of Alhjnaya at the Society Development Society in the village. Dr. Hesham El-Sherif said that the award came within the framework of the monthly competition announced by the Ministry of Local Development in all governorates of Egypt, in which the governors nominate the best 3 mayors and the best 3 village heads or directorates or local units.

The minister honored both Saad Crow Head of Damanhour city and Salah Masoud Fadlallah, head of the city of Wadi Natroun and Khaled Amara head of the city Obouhms and Inayat Ahmed Sharnouby Head of Local Unit Qombaneh Abu Qir of Kafr Al-Dawar and Ashraf Saad Khalil, head of the local unit of the village Hernob and Osama Rizk Mansour, deputy head of the local unit Bhouc Issa, where the minister awarded them certificates of appreciation. The minister added that the competition aims to highlight and honor those who work and finds and concludes his work and specifically characterized by the completion and tender governorates in the areas of development and management of local services and solving the problems of citizens in their work areas, said Sharif that the ministry is keen to provide a better life for Egyptians and the consolidation of social justice, which comes on Top priorities of the ministry's programs, noting that the distinguished names are scheduled to be presented periodically to the Board of Governors and the Council of Ministers. Al-Sherif stressed that it is time to celebrate the distinguished in each Egyptian province for their efforts and sweat in their position in the local administration. 

The minister listened during the meeting to a number of complaints the village and surrounding villages by the lake, which included sanitation, drinking water, corruption and encroachment on agricultural land and state property and new projects areas, Sharif said that the sewage problem with one of the most major issues plaguing some villages in the governorates of Egypt now, He added that the state knows the size of the problem and is doing a precise map of all villages deprived of sewage in the province of the lake and the rest of the Egyptian governorates and a clear map has been drawn on specific dates completion of these projects in the coming period in accordance with the plans. 

He pointed Sherif to the presence of some provinces experiencing cities and villages of the crisis in the urban space, pointing out that he is being with all those responsible for planning in Egypt, the completion of those plans during the coming period with the completion of a number of provinces and the remaining number is being completed.

Minister of Local Development explained that there is a tendency in the state and directly to stiffen the punishment for the aggressors on the agricultural land, and stressed the minister that any encroachment on the land will not happen state land again, said the minister to said Gary reviewing all executive mechanisms to prevent encroachment on agricultural lands and state lands , And asked the minister of the heads of cities and local units in the lake to submit any proposals to prevent any infringement of the provinces in this regard. "He is afraid in the era of President Sisi and the subject of encroachment on agricultural land ended forever without return and any help or support I am with you." Minister Ali stressed that he would not allow the presence of any corrupt person in the local administration, adding "the right of the country to its children. He called on the minister to help the young people of the province in terms of the use of land recovered from the abuses and the involvement of young people in the planning process, pointing out that the province of the lake is one of the first provinces that returned land infringing. The Minister said that we want to make a real qualitative leap on the ground in the lake and all the governorates of Egypt.

The minister called on the leaders of cities and villages in the lake to work to solve the problems of citizens, pointing to the possibility of establishing a service bureau for citizens and a citizen who sleeps without solving his problem. Al-Sharif called for plans for the development of the villages, which the head of the local unit, in partnership with the rest of the citizens, will establish for real development events. The minister also recommended a dialogue between specialists on projects implemented in the governorate. 

The minister had started a morning tour of the village of Hjnaya lake, where he inspected the health unit in the village and pharmacy and met with a number of citizen.