Consolidate Social Justice in the Villages and Governorates

28 أغسطس 2017

The program works to consolidate social justice in the villages and governorates where the State, Government and people of Egypt have lived and lived on the principles and values ​​of human justice. Throughout history, development gaps have occurred as a result of information poverty, centralization, limited resources, planning problems and bureaucracy. Egypt has a constitution, a leadership and a government that seeks social justice. The government adopts several executive programs, including the Takaful and Dignity Program implemented by the Ministry of Solidarity.

The Ministry of Local Development is working with other ministries to establish social justice and empower society to participate in development.


1. Infrastructure: Completion of final sanitation links.
Completion of the delivery of the household connections to the wastewater units of the projects that have been completed and are not operational.

2. Prices: Provide food commodities at affordable prices for citizens and consumer protection.
To coordinate with the governorates and concerned authorities to provide sites for the establishment of food outlets and trade chains and to provide mobile outlets with the aim of reaching food commodities at suitable prices for citizens.

3 - Treatment: raising the efficiency of services in rural health units.

4 - Preparing young people: Supporting the establishment of modern nurseries in the Egyptian villages