Fighting Illiteracy

From Year 2016 - To Year 2018

Egypt has very high rates of illiteracy and in 2016 Egypt was ranked 111 on the Human Development Index out of 193 countries.


Eradication of illiteracy through an inclusive developmental strategy whereby illiteracy levels reach normal zero-near levels.


  •  erasing the illiteracy over 12 million Egyptians in all governorates of Egypt in the next 3 year through introducing an inclusive cultural and developmental vision.
  • Utilising all of the state’s financial, institutional and technical resources to the best of their abilities by coordinating between different entities and uniting our efforts to achieve our target.
  • Designing different programs to overcome the issue, putting into consideration differences in gender, age, social backgrounds.

Implementation Methodology:

  • Trigger cabinet degree to have all university students studying an arts major to teach 8 people how to read and write as a prerequisite for their graduation. Training of the Trainer (ToT) to the implementer/ teachers of the program.
  • Develop the youth that will take part and organise the program.
  • Provide incentives to the youth working on the program from each university.