Putting reference conditions to prepare the environmental impact assessment studies for infrastructure projects of sanitary landfill

The problem of solid waste got worse all over the world .It has grown and has been aggravated by its obvious bad manifestations and its direct and indirect adverse effects on the public health, and the national economy. The problem has recently faced a challenge in all government institutions and ministries as a result of the huge increase in the produced waste in the Arab republic of Egypt and the continuous increase in population .furthermore, the expansion of industrial and urban areas which has a severe impact on public health, the environment and natural resources.

It's worthy to mention that the priority which has been currently given to the waste sector, has started to be improved recently as a result of the political high level support of the imperative need to decisively confront and eventually eliminate that problem in a scientific planned system, and because of the serious share of all stakeholders to resolve them and to find the necessary financial resources and resources at all levels in order to achieve the vision of Egypt in 2030.

Pursuant to decree no. 551 of 2019 of the minister of local development, a central waste sector management unit was established within the ministry of local development .The department aims to implement projects to be established in the light of the national strategy for integrated solid waste management and governmental  master plans and  building the capacity of the management of the solid waste subunit in the governments  to carry out its tasks in a dedicated manner In addition, a periodic report has been submitted to evaluate and monitor performance in implementing the national plan, taking into consideration the national strategy.

The Egyptian government has identified the rehabilitation of solid waste infrastructure as the cornerstone for the perfect management of the waste sector, and in this regard, a protocol was signed between the ministry of local development, the ministry of the environment, the Arab organization for industrialization, and the national authority for military production to establish intermediate stations, recycling plants and sanitary landfills in the governorates of the Arab republic of Egypt to ensure advanced treatment and safe disposal of solid waste to keep pace with the 2030 sustainable development strategy.

Accordingly, the ministry of local development is requesting consultations to assist in preparing the issue of 26 environmental impact assessment studies and model (c) for sanitary landfills for municipal waste, studies have already been carried out at sites where a report (paleontological, cadastral lift, preliminary and final designs) has been prepared and will be available for use.

Sites have been selected from among those which have been examined and studied and recommended by the above-mentioned protocol national entities.