Cooperation Protocol

9 Jan 2018

The Minister of Local Development, Dr. Hisham El-Sherif, signed a protocol of cooperation between the Ministry of local development and the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade in the presence of Minister Dr. Ali Al-Meselhi and the Governorate of North Sinai in the presence of Major General Abdel Fattah Harhour, Governor of North Sinai.

Dr. Hisham El-Sherif said that the establishment of social justice and the provision of food commodities to citizens at affordable prices for citizens is one of the important objectives of the government, which seeks to achieve in all Egyptian governorates. He added that the protocol of cooperation aims to provide food commodities to the city of Bir al- And the implementation of a logistics area for basic food commodities and the establishment of a salt industry in the region.

Dr. Hisham El-Sherif pointed out that the protocol comes within the framework of the partnerships adopted by the government and its various ministries. The Minister of Local Development revealed the completion of preparing the new urban areas for the villages of Bir al-Abd and 24 of them in cooperation and partnership with the Ministry of Housing and the Governorate of North Sinai. That these rights seek to achieve the requirements of citizens, which contributes to the provision of services and the creation of informal areas and the provision of adequate housing and the resettlement of services.

El-Sherif said that the ministry is cooperating with the other ministries concerned, including agriculture, irrigation and civil society organizations, to provide job opportunities, establish agricultural and industrial projects and eliminate unemployment in North Sinai.

The minister stressed that the ministry and the government is seeking to achieve a qualitative leap of hope and work for the people of North Sinai in general and the city of Bir al-Abd in particular.

For his part, Minister of Supply Dr. Ali al-Meselhi said that the protocol of the day is a good example of cooperation between the concerned authorities in the government to bring about real change on the land of the city of Bir al-Abd and its villages.

He added that the ministry in cooperation with local development and North Sinai will establish logistic areas in the well and Al-Arish to be a strategic reserve for goods to maintain and the establishment of many activities and re-packaging and distribution and ensure the safety of food commodities and availability at reasonable prices.

Major General Abdel-Fattah Haror, Governor of North Sinai, thanked the Minister of Local Development for his efforts to achieve a great shift in the province and to implement the demands made by the people of the villages of Bir al-Abd during the visit of the Minister to the city.

He stressed the real will of the government and the determination to make a real shift on the ground in North Sinai, especially the area of ​​Bir al-Abd, praising the contacts carried out by the Minister of Local Development with the ministers concerned, including agriculture, irrigation and the government in general to end all the requirements of the people in a national spirit and transparent.

The Governor also thanked the Minister of Supply for his responses to the provision of any food commodities quickly to the people of North Sinai.