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Sharawi and the Governor of Luxor visit Al-Baghdadi village

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7 Feb 2021
Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, started his tour of Luxor Governorate by visiting the village of Al-Baghdadi, which is affiliated with the Center and City of....

International tribute to the Holy Family Path project

Category : Government News
1 Dec 2020
Major general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, received a joint address from Mr. Jose Alfonso Schuarez Darriel, minister of Mexican culture, and Ms. Emilia Cez , Secretary-general, of....

increasing preparation for the rainy season

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24 Sep 2020
General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, instructed the governors to raise their readiness and take all necessary measures to counter the dangers of the heavy rains and floods that are....

Sharawi receiving minister of immigration

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29 Aug 2020
General Mahmoud Sharawi ,the minister of local development, received the ambassador Nabila Makram , minister of state for migration and Egyptian affairs abroad, to review the joint cooperation....

Discussion on air pollution and climate change management

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28 Jul 2020
Ministers of local development, international cooperation and the environment conclude the world bank mission meetings in preparation for negotiations on the air pollution management and climate....