Visit the headquarter of South Sinai Governorate

12 Nov 2017
During his visit to the headquarters of the province of South Sinai and meet with leaders and employees: Minister of Local Development: We thank you for showing Sharm el-Sheikh in a wonderful and....

Procedures for appointing local leaders

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30 Oct 2017
Minister of Local Development Dr. Hisham El-Sherif announced the start of the tests for 1307 applicants for the leadership positions in the local administration, which will be held at Nasser Military....

Annual Festival of Tunisia for pottery and handicrafts

22 Oct 2017
Minister of Local Development: "Tunisia" model of the typical village that produces and evokes El-Sherif: Meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the development of Lake Qarun The Minister....

Egyptian Governorate, Organization and management

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18 Oct 2017
The Minister of Local Development, Dr. Hisham El-Sherif, called for a new organization under the direction of the state towards decentralization It is trying through joint discussions with all the....

Local development and population

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18 Oct 2017
Minister of Local Development Dr. Hisham El-Sherifsaid that solving the problems of illiteracy, unemployment and poverty is the top priority of the government. He stressed the need for a strong....